Giant Globes Inc. is the brainchild of Matt Binns, an Englishman who suitably has roamed the planet before making his home in Chicago some 20 years ago. For his resume CLICK HERE

We have been perfecting methods of bending sheet aluminum for more than a decade, using techniques from the 19th century as well as from modern metallurgy. As there was no way to use existing mapping software to create continents that would give the correct shape when bent into a smooth compound curve, we made our own. The Binns Projection (sorry we canít show you, itís a trade secret) is the worldís only truly representative projection, in that it actually does accurately represent the continentís size and shape when bent around a globe. That said, our globes are not intended for navigational purposes!

Using only the highest quality aluminum alloys (3003 for the continents and 6061-T6 for the meridians) we bend all the continents and latitude and longitude lines ourselves, weld, file and polish until our fingers bleed, then do it all again.

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Contact: Matt@giantglobes.com or (773) 772-2917