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Weight of globes by size:
-- A 5’ globe with armature weighs approx 70 lbs
-- An 8’ globe with armature weighs approx 300 lbs
-- A simple 10’ globe is approx 630 lbs

KEY to prices

DIAMETER: Distance from one side of the globe to the other through the middle. This is the minimum opening (height or width) that your globe can fit through. TAKE NOTE! Nothing sours an afternoon like knocking down a wall to get your globe indoors!

SIMPLE GLOBE: Includes a vertical base post coming straight out of the South Pole, up to 24” long. When motorized, globe spins on its North-South axis.

ARMATURE: Just like the globe in a classroom. A semi-circular mounting arm capturing the globe at the North and South Poles, attaches to vertical base post at 23.5º from vertical, tilting globe to correct angle. Globe can be fixed to the armature or fitted with silent bearings to allow hand rotation on N-S axis. When motorized, the globe, armature and base post all spin together.

MOTOR: Rotator sits under the base post, between the globe and the ground.
Speed and direction to your specifications: we recommend 1-2 RPM counter clockwise viewed from above. (Generally the larger the globe, the slower the RPM)
Variable speed, 240V wiring and outdoor rotators available. We use heavy-duty sign rotators built for us by a leader in industrial quality sign rotators.

POWDER COAT: Unless powder-coated, globes come hand finished with either a satin or brushed swirl pattern that shines but catches the light evenly.

There are hundreds of brilliant and durable powdercoat colors available, including metallics, metal-flake and textured finishes. ‘Copper Vein,’ which resembles aged bronze, remains our most frequently requested finish. Powder coating is economical, durable and environmentally sound.

Globes up to five feet in diameter can be fitted with a hand polished wood base complete with rubber feet, perfect for a globe you want to move around. The globe has an armature and rotates by hand on silent bearings. Can be powder-coated.

All options are customizable. Your imagination is the only limit.

Globes destined for placement in high traffic or unsupervised areas can be ‘beefed-up’ to help minimize wear. We can also cut 3-D letters or logos to wrap around your globe. See GALLERY for examples.

Why are larger globes so much more expensive?

Simple Globe With Armature add: With Indoor Motor add: With Powdercoat add:
3' $6800 $950 $600 $650
4' $8850 $1300 $650 $700
5' $11,400 $1600 $750 $900
6' $14,800 $2200 $1045 $1100
7' $19,950 $3400 $1400 $1900
8' $28,300 $4800 $1800 $3840
9' $44,500 $6900 $2400 $4500
10' $59,400 $8500 $4500 $6250
Wall Maps        
6' x 3' $3400     $580
10' x 5' $5700     $850

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