If you only buy one giant globe this year, make sure itís made by Giant Globes Inc.

Even if we say so ourselves, we are often struck by the beauty of our creations. We spend an inordinate amount of time, sweat and occasional bad language to achieve the high level of quality you demand. It's a fact that causes many of our clients to phone us exclaiming their delight when their globe arrives at its destination.

So no, the globes are not cheap.

We are often asked why the price rises so rapidly with size. Donít blame us, blame Pythagoras! An increase of one foot in diameter results in a one foot increase in all three dimensions and a five foot globe has three times the surface area of a three footer.

We have actually replaced other fabricatorís globes that were badly made and not-so-cheaply bought, globes that the client was so unhappy with that they threw them away!
If you are purchasing a timeless artifact do you want to go with the lowest bidder?

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