Relief Globes

We currently make 3’ and 5’ diameter relief globes in durable, strong fiberglass.

The 3’ version has detailed exaggerated relief including mountains, rivers and lakes . Hundreds of hours of carving went into creating this beautiful globe.

The 5’ version has continents that are smooth but are raised Ύ” above the oceans, with major rivers and lakes.

We can paint these globes in any color scheme you like, leave them blank, or our artists can paint your globe to resemble the Earth from space as shown.

These globes can be mounted in any way you choose, and can include custom signage, LED’s etc.
Other sizes quoted on request.

The 3’ version ranges in price from $3800 for an unpainted sphere to $11,800 for the version shown here which has a unique stand, spins on ball bearings and has a damping mechanism inside so it stays where you leave it.

The 5’ version is $5900 unpainted and $9800 painted. Contact us for mounting options.

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Contact: or (773) 772-2917