Every globe we create is built to your specifications. Working with a small core of skilled craftsmen we fabricate each globe in a painstaking process that can take four or five months. We can also produce a simple globe in under three weeks if deadlines are looming.
We build globes in diameters from 36 inches (91cm) to 10 feet (304cm) generally in 1-foot increments.  Custom and larger sizes are our pleasure. Our metal globes are made entirely from aluminum, as such they are strong, light and naturally corrosion resistant. We can add logos and mission statements, LEDs etc. as you require. Custom mounting options will suit any need, including ceiling mounting, motorization and moveable bases. They are suitable for outdoor placement and can be powder-coated in a stunning variety of colors. We may also be able to rent you a globe for short-term usage. Contact us for availability.
In the galleries below are just a small sample of the hundreds of unique globes we have created.