We currently make 2’ (61cm)  3’ (91cm) and 5’ (152cm) diameter relief globes in durable, strong fiberglass. The 2’ and 3’ versions have detailed exaggerated relief including mountains, rivers and lakes. Hundreds of hours of carving went into creating these beautiful globes. The 5’ version has continents that are smooth but are raised ¾” (2cm) above the oceans, with major rivers and lakes.

We can paint these globes in any color scheme you like, leave them blank, or our artists can hand-paint your globe to resemble the Earth from space as shown. These globes can be mounted in any way you choose, and can include custom signage, LED’s with specific locations etc. Other sizes quoted on request.

Prices range from $2,300 for an unpainted 2’ globe to $13,600 for the 3’ version shown here which has a unique stand, spins on ball bearings and has a damping mechanism inside so it stays where you leave it. The 5’ version starts at $6,300 Contact us for a detailed quote and mounting options.

This 36″ (91cm) relief globe was commissioned by Missouri Children’s Hospital to brighten their entrance. We painted their logo (a cuddly tiger) at their location.

One of our 5′ (152cm) globes rotates slowly above the service desk of Sun Toyota in Florida. We can add as much or as little cloud as required. We used the same mold to create this dramatic gold and burgundy globe for From The Heart Ministries in Maryland. We installed 68 custom made 3D printed markers indicating affiliated churches around the globe.

For a law firm specializing in immigration issues we created this 24″ (61cm) relief globe and linked the major air and sea ports with flight tracks in ABS plastic filament.

Making an exaggerated relief globe starts with building a full-size clay model. Our team of sculptors slowly add clay until the rough form is achieved, then carefully sculpt the mountains and valleys, rivers and lakes. We then create a fiberglass and silicone mold to produce the final globe.

Not all of our globes are fiberglass or aluminum. We created this 24″ (61cm) mirrorball globe for Method cleaning products for a commercial, it now hangs in their HQ in Chicago. No matter what your vision, we can help.

Cool Globes for a Hot Planet. In 2006 Giant Globes was tasked with designing and producing over 120 large globes for a public art project in Chicago. The unpainted 5′ globes were given to artists who adapted them to bring attention to climate change. To date over 20 cities across the world have joined the project and thousands of globes have been made. http://coolglobes.org